• New Product Design and Development

  • Operational Efficiency Support

  • Strategic Planning

  • Procurement advice







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Menu Design

Most  institutional  customers  operate  in a  very  strict  budgetary  environment.  At  GFI,  we  utilize  experienced  chefs  and  food engineers  to  help  customers  with  designing  a  menu  that  both  balances  the  budgetary  restrictions  and  the  demand  for  high quality  food  items  in  their  menu.  We  have  been  successful  in  supporting  institutional  facilities  take  the  challenging  task  of introducing healthy options in their menu, substitute food items that resulted in incurring substantial savings, and meet their demand for food items in compliance with religious and dietary requirements.


New Product Design and Development

For customers that are in search of new food items that are not in the market place we provide a full service product design and development. Our chefs and food engineers, with a proven track record, help clients with developing food items. Starting from concept development to final product, you can rely on GFI’s team to meet and deliver your new product needs.


Operational Efficiency Support

At GFI, we believe delivering a quality product can be achieved without compromising the quality of the ingredients. We have mastered this concept and help our customers achieve efficiency gains in areas of their operations that are usually hidden behind inefficiencies in day-to-day operations. Our fresh set of eyes and years of experience can help your institution to restructure its methods of operation and increase its spending power without impacting your budget and operational team.


Strategic Planning

For over 30 years we have been part and parcel of the changing food market driving innovation and introducing new products. We  implement  the  same  foresight  and  vision  to  help  our  customers  prepare  for  the  ever-changing  market  environment  and availability of ingredients that impact their operation. We are your partners in your quest to put in place a long and short term strategic plan to achieve your growth aspirations.


Procurement advice

GFI  has  a  customer  oriented  and  specialized  product  sourcing  strategy  targeted  at  lowering  transaction  costs.  With  our  time tested and innovative approach we can deliver to our customers significant savings based on their location and product diversity on their menu. Applying this strategy has enabled GFI to produce healthy and cost effective products without compromising on the quality of the ingredients we use. We can help your institution to achieve its budgetary goals and introduce significant saving.